For the most part, locksmiths are seen as those who can get you in your own house when you're locked outside and you left the keys. But little do you know that they can do more than just unlocking house doors. One of those crucial services they can offer is automotive locksmith.


There's no denying that unfortunate incidents happen such as when you lost your car keys or they no longer work in opening your vehicle. Therefore, it makes perfect sense if you already have an automotive locksmith service guy in mind to call whenever one of those unfortunate events happen.


Good news for those who reside in the United States, majority of car door unlocking locksmiths are actually trained and licensed professionals. Unlike a handyman or a general locksmith guy, a professional is guaranteed to have extensive knowledge in the old locking system as well as the new and more advanced ones, including handling remote keys, transponders, and even car ignition systems.

Types of Services Automotive Locksmiths Provide

1 - Reprogramming of car keys and making spare keys.

Considering that cars these days already have highly complex and advanced locking mechanisms, locksmiths no longer can just limit their expertise in key cutting and duplication. The best automotive locksmiths out there are skilled in programming electronic keys and producing spare ones for all sorts of vehicles, including trucks, cars, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, and even recreational vehicles.

2 - Replacement of lost and/or stolen keys.

In case you unfortunately lose your vehicle key and you don't have a spare one, all you have to do is call an automotive locksmith to perform a car key replacement. This person is expected to make a new set of keys for your car and in the process guarantees that those keys will only work with your car. It also is part of their job to make sure that the lost keys no longer work with your car.

3 - Assist in providing access into your car.

There also are very unfortunate times when you unintentionally lock yourself out of your car. Or perhaps the unlock key of your vehicle suddenly malfunctions. At this point, all you have to do is call in the automotive locksmith to pick the car lock for you.


Be reminded that automotive key replacement locksmiths are professionals who underwent years of training and education to excel at what they do. However, there are those who come to you out of nowhere, offering their services. So it is best that you do the extra stuff needed to figure out if you're really dealing with a legitimate car locksmith like asking for proof of license or an address and contact number of their place of business or office.